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Namibia is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. All its visitors agree that various reasons make it so special. The unique nature, vast desert plains, rough coastal regions, impressive mountain ranges and everywhere an extraordinary flora and fauna. In addition to that endless horizons, the magic of colours, fascination of light….

Also Namibia belongs to the last countries on earth where the ecology is intact, the air clean and clear, the nature original and undestroyed. And this by having an extraordinary infrastructure! Untouched nature and civilization are in harmony in this country – surely one of the reasons for the delightfulness of its visitors.

Because you can travel without to relinquish the civilized comfort and personal safety which is not common in Africa. Furthermore Namibia’s climate is healthy, tropical diseases unknown.

The fauna is most diversified and even the most desolated desert regions are populated. The numerous nature and game parks offer fantastic opportunities to observe this manifold nature. For example Etosha National Park, 22.270 square kilometer huge, counts to the biggest game reserves of Southern Africa. Here numerous herds of antelopes roam freely. Geologists will enjoy Namibia because of is ancient rock formations throughout the country.

Those who are interested in cultures and tribes will be fascinated in Namibia. From the ancient bushmen to the nomadic tribes of the Himba and Ovambo, diverse impressions will satisfy your curiosity. Even the eventful history of our country could be an interesting part of your journey. Enjoy the feeling of light and space, experience the generous hospitality in Namibia, explore the diverse fauna and flora, the numerous places of interest and wonders of nature in this fascinating country.